Before I became disabled, I did some really physical work. I started out as a cleaner/organizer for the Contractor. A Carpenter/Painter.

He would later teach me to paint, restore windows, etc. Work I enjoyed doing for sixteen years.

But that sixteen years became stressful. I became a sub contractor.

Started to be paid in, bounced checks or late payments. Once, as long as three months and as much as $7,000.

I was grateful for his training. And it’s why I hung in there.

But then, I became delinquent in, Rent, Bills and Taxes.

He the Contractor, Got rich, brought trucks.

And hired new employees. White and Hispanic. Who he paid, on time.

Still, I went unpaid.

I am constantly reminded of how little value is placed on Our/Black Americans lives.

I feel many reminiscence about,

“The good old days”

Author: My Life with mental illness

I have dealt with depression, most of my life and I've tried different antidepressant. With the right diagnosis and med mix, I have lost 40 pounds. And I am managing, my mental illnesses.

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