For My Dad

This is my story.

I was raised by my father. My most happy times and memories, are of my childhood, with him.

My mother, suffered with mental illness, as did her mother.

I too, have inherited this illness.

My dad just turned 79. He had cancer surgery and failing memory.

He’s in need of help. And I feel helpless.

His needs, are more than I can handle.

But there’s no limit, to what I would do for him.

It’s the least I can do.

Although, I’m disabled, I am more than willing to work/do, all I can to help my dad, live the rest of his life, as well as it can be.

As well as it should be, for the father, who did so much for me.

Who needs me to take care of him, as he isn’t able to take care of hisself.

I unable to work traditional jobs, that requires a schedule. But, I can work, hours or days, at a time.

I am trying to raise money for:

  • My dad’s care
  • House repairs
  • Healthy food
  • Outings

Would you allow me to work (give you my time) in exchange for my needs (car repair, printing, etc)?

The money I save, will go towards my dad’s care.

Thank you, Yvette