Fall easy, hard and long

falling in and out of love

I remember my very first crush. It was my third grade teacher.

Who looked like, Vanessa Williams!

My second crush, involved two.

Saretta. We lived on the same block and went to the same elementary school.

And Miss Brown, who lived around the corner and taught me how to Crochet and Knit.

My last crush, became my mate, for fifteen years.

Reoccurring dreams, Seasons and dates, make it difficult to forget her and to move on.

I know, I will love her forever.

I just want to stop mourning the lost.

I thank my Pastor and Friend, Rev Shorb-Sterling. Who’s retiring soon.

Besides my dad, She was the only person that empathized with my many challenges.

So much so, she supplied the words for me, when I was unable to express how I felt.

Something I lacked from family and friends of more than thirty years.

I will miss her tremendously.

I love you Rev Sue!

I pray we all have the Peace this World needs to heal.

God Bless!



I share the following. Anonymously. I pray it gives you the comfort, it gave me.

It reminds me, that we are not alone in our suffering (the mentally ill, oppressed, etc)

Dear Friend,

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thank you so much for your kind message. You are such a generous and giving person. I thank you for all you teach me about challenge and struggle. That through it all you just keep going. Despite times when you are angry or frustrated, that doesn’t impact the way you treat others. God truly speaks to me through you. May His blessings continue to rain down on you and give you peace on this day of thanks.

With much love