I’m afraid, I forget why…Oh god!

I must tell you, I am afraid. I am extremely afraid. I can’t remember what I was supposed to do next.

I’m afraid, because I don’t know if it was something, that needed to be done, at that moment.

[Bracketed note, means I feel it is critical or of importance and in need of sharing]

[Correct now. But I mispelled afraid, with two ff’s, both times. I tend to talk fast, studder and have a hard time spelling, when I’m in, this state of mind]

I am afraid, because I have forgotten, I was cooking. Many times.

I have never feared living alone, not as a child.

Not until that thing, happened. That thing, out of all the things I can’t remember

I can’t forget that.

Lord, I pray this to you now, If you are always with and have been with me, then you know my pain.

I beg you lord, if I must live, please let me forget how to be afraid.

or please let me die, now.

Before it gets too scary.

“Oh God, Please don’t let this be what my dad is going through!”

Author: My Life with mental illness

I have dealt with depression, most of my life and I've tried different antidepressant. With the right diagnosis and med mix, I have lost 40 pounds. And I am managing, my mental illnesses.

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